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The Best Online Tool To Convert Any Text Into Speech With Free Access. It supports all type of browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari also.

What Is Text To Speech Online?​

study anywhere with text to speech

It is one and the only text to speech online platform where you can get a human-like, personalized, and engaging user experience. We created the best user environment where the user can easily change the genre according to his requirement and quickly generate his audio file for his inputted text.


Free Access

Only text to speech online gives you access for free. You can freely access it from multiple devices.

Unlimited Access

You can be a repetitively use text to speech online because it does not restrict any user who uses it maximum times.

Natural Voices

And of course it supports human like natural voices which may help you in various ways either it studying or video making.

Multiple Language Support

Yeah! Definitely, it supports multiple languages like English, French, Russian, and Hindi, etc.

Instant Results

It supports an instant result generator without taking any extra seconds.

Easy to Download

You can easily listen online or download your generated text to speech file with a single click.

How Text To Speech Online Works?

Text To Speech Online nearly works on every device like Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile. It also supports all browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It uses google support to convert text to speech. It does not auto setup to slow down or fast in speed until you set it for. Voice quality does not vary at any cost.

Some TTS tool also has features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This OCR feature allows Text To Speech Online tools to text aloud to read from images. It helps in child to accelerating to recognizing which image they are looking at. For example, your child can take a photo of an ice cream shop and have the words on the sign transformed into audio.

Types of Text To Speech Tools

  1. Built-in Text-To-Speech: Many devices have built-in text-to-speech features. That includes Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, and Table.
  2. Web-Based Application: Plenty of tools are available online, which means you do not need to install any software on your system.
  3. Text-To-Speech Apps: A lot of apps available for Android and Mac devices on the play store and app stores.
  4. Text-To-Speech Software: There are several software programs also available for desktop and laptop computers. Many of the reading and writing tools have inbuilt text to speech online programs.
research says about text to speech

What Research Says About Text To Speech Online

Notwithstanding the growing popularity, the study and findings on text to speech are somewhat unclear.

While this program helps students to access their classroom materials and some teachers found these programs for their students in terms of technology which can read out loud notes text.

TTS programs can also benefit students in many ways like one of the studies found that this program helping students who have been suffering from dyslexia. The team also researched one thing, they gave access to the TTS program to their students for a week and observed can any improvement possible in reading, improved comprehension, and improved fluency. The result was affirmative.

Who depends on Text To Speech Online?

  • The person whose eyesight is week and cannot see a particular type of content.
  • The person who totally blind and not able to see any content on the screen.
  • A person who suffers from dyslexia and other learning and cognitive disabilities need to hear and observe the text to better understand it.

Frequently Ask Questions

It is a type of assistive technology that converts digital text into voice. Text to speech technology enables the computer to read text aloud so that kids or reading-struggler can understand the words clearly. It even implies “read aloud” “speech synthesis” technology.

It is an easy-to-use technology, with no techie-know required to use. It is also a device-friendly technology, thus can be used nearly in every digital device. Just type in the text and click on the play button to hear the text in speech form.

Advanced AI is used to design any text-to-speech software. TTS application helps kids in writing, reading, focusing, and even Improve word recognition. It helps a visual and reading-impaired person to learn difficult words with ease.

Many text-to-speech applications can read documents, pdf files, and even web pages. The great advantage of TTS is they are device-friendly and can access easily in every OS and/or browser.

The simple answer is yes. Many applications are free-source with unlimited access. There is no limit to generate speech for digital texts. You can even download the resultant voice in WAV or MP3 format. But it may vary for different applications. Some apps may ask you to signup or register to save files, or some may permit you to save the file without login. While some applications only need to solve captcha to store the files on your device.

When you type the text, an application passes the text string to the speech manager that in turn sends to a speech synthesizer. A speech synthesizer is an in-built code that lies in system resources and, It is the set of dictionary and punctuation protocols to read text. The output voice is the result of a process of a speech synthesizer.

Getting different types of voices is one of the best features of using text-to-speech applications. Many TTS machines deliver human voices in several languages. You can either listen to the male voice or the female voice in US English.

Some applications permit you to access robotic male or female voices. There are even computer-generated voices that sound like children speaking.

Yes! Text to speech is not only device-friendly but also OS and Browser-friendly applications. You can access TTS on any devices like mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Almost all browser supports TTS app to work. So it doesn’t matter which browser you use as a default for your device. Also, as TTs is OS-friendly, you can use it on android devices too.

Windows 10 owns the TTS feature. You need to add text to speech voices manually to windows 10 through the PC setting app.

To so so,

  • Go to Settings>>Time & Language >> Region & Language
  • Select Add a language option.
  • Select language in Region & Language list after it is installed. Then select Options.
  • Follow: Language options>> Speech>> Downloads.
  • Now Restart your computer to use TTS voice.
  • Once you’ve installed a text-to-speech voice to Windows, you can utilize it in programs like Microsoft Word, Edge, and OneNote.

There are also several literacy applications for laptops and computers. Many of these reading and writing software, in addition has TTS. Applications like ClaroRead, Kurzweil 3000, and Read&Write are some Examples of TTS. Microsoft’s immersive tools like Microsoft Word, OneNote, Outlook also include speech synthesis features. Also, some paid TTS software are texttospeech.onl (Free), NaturalReader ($99.50), Voice Dream Reader ($19.99), ClaroRead ($85–$225), Read&Write ($145/year).

OCR stands for optical character recognization. It is an electronic translation of images into speech. Some TTS tool possesses OCR technology that enables TTS application to read text aloud from images. For example, you can pick any written-text image to have words on the image turn into audio. OCR technology in TTS allows understanding information in a way that makes image content easier to retain.

Chrome is a widely used browser to gather information for the query. Chrome does not have special TTS but its extension ‘Chrome speak’ can turn chrome into a TTS application. Chrome speak is easy to use and comes with multilingual supports. This TTS extension can read selected text within a browser.

You can also make google chrome read for you by turn on “Enable ChromeVox” Under “Text-to-Speech,” from the device settings.